What PJ Masks apps are available to download?

At the moment, there are four official PJ Masks apps available to download – PJ Masks HQ, PJ Masks: Super City Run, PJ Masks: Time To Be A Hero, and PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes

Where can I find and download PJ Masks apps?

Our apps are available on iTunes, Google Play store and the Amazon Appstore. You can find official PJ Masks by ensuring that the publisher is listed as Entertainment One.

I’m in another country. Why can’t I find PJ Masks app I want to download?

Our apps available in a wide range of countries and are translated into several different languages, but it may be that the app you’re trying to find has not been made available in your region. You can contact support@pjmasks.com to find out whether this is the case, or if there is a problem with your app store listings.

Is my device compatible with your apps?

Our apps are optimised for most mainstream devices and operating systems, particularly:

Some older phones or tablets may experience issues with our apps, and it may not be possible to adapt the app to suit such a wide range of devices, but we do try our best to ensure a great experience for as many users as possible and test on a wide range of devices. If you are having problems with a PJ Masks app and your device has been updated to the latest version to meet the requirements above, you can contact us with any further questions on support@pjmasks.com.

I have downloaded the app, but it won’t open or crashes when I play it. What’s wrong?

This is an issue that may happen from time to time on certain devices, and could be due to memory issues on your device, which unfortunately we can’t resolve. However, if you try closing down all other apps that may be running in the background, this may help. You can also try the following solutions:

Unfortunately, due to the huge range and variety of devices in the market, it isn’t always possible to ensure that the app works on everything. However, if your device is relatively new and running the latest version and you think the app should be running correctly, please contact support@pjmasks.com and we’ll look into your issue.

There is no sound on the app when I play it. What’s wrong?

This is an issue that has been occurring for some users on the app stores – we test all of our apps’ audio on at least 50+ devices, and are unable to replicate the problem. Further research has led us to believe that this may be a wider issue that is not specific to our apps. Some devices may mute sounds either via a switch on the side of the device, like on an iPad, or in your device settings under ‘Audio’ or ‘Sound’. If possible, please check these options to ensure audio is switched on and turned up, and try the app again. If you have any more details to give us on this issue, please contact support@pjmasks.com and provide us with details of your device and OS version. You can find this information in the Settings section.

I’m having a problem with your apps that isn’t covered here. Who can I contact for further support?

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps covered in this article and are still experiencing issues with one or more of our apps, please contact support@pjmasks.com and we’d be happy to help. When emailing, please provide as much information as possible so we can fully understand what the problem is. For example, giving us your type of device, the model number, the OS version and what you tapped on/the steps you took for the problem to occur is very helpful! We’ll try our best to resolve the issue or explain what is happening.

For any refunds or incorrect charges, please contact Apple Support or Google Play Store, as we’re unable to process refunds here at PJ Masks.