Butterfly Catch

This Imagination Starter ties in with the episode "Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade".

Your Mission: Create moths and butterflies out of construction paper by drawing them, or simply drawing blue circles for moths, and circles of different colours for butterflies. Scatter the pictures throughout your home, and challenge your child to capture all of the butterflies and bring them to safety within two minutes. The moths will be used as distractors. For an extra challenge, each time you play reduce the amount of time that your child has to collect the butterflies.

Your Child’s Mission: Capture all of the coloured butterflies and bring them to safety in the time that you have! Watch out for Luna Girl’s moths, which will be there to distract you.

Make and Do: Download the activity and help your child to make a butterfly net. Using Catboy's net will make them feel just like Catboy as they use their super cat jump to collect the butterflies and save the day!

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