This Imagination Starter ties in with the episode "Gekko's Nice Ice Plan".

Your Mission: Pretend that you are Romeo, and stand about ten giant steps away from your child. Engage your child in a game of “Romeo, May I?” a rendition of “Mother, may I?” where your child needs to move closer and closer to you when your back is turned. If you turn around and see that your child is still moving, you will freeze her! She will need to go back to where she stood at the beginning of the game and re-start her mission!

Your Child’s Mission: Your child will have to move swiftly as he inches towards you, using Gekko’s super lizard grip to maintain his balance. He will have to observe your movements carefully to see when you are about to turn around and freeze him!

Make and Do: Download the activity and help your child to make a lizard bump hat. The hat will make them feel even more like Gekko as they moves swiftly towards Romeo to stop the Laboggin and save the day!

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