Training Academy

This Imagination Starter involves the PJ Masks show as a whole.

Your Mission: Create a simple obstacle or activity course in your home or in a safe space outdoors. As you create the obstacles and activities, keep in mind each of the PJ Masks’ superpowers:

• Owlette’s super vision: set up a search and find for one of the PJ Masks' masks!
• Gekko’s super camouflage: play a game of hide and seek
• Catboy’s super speed: challenge your child to a running race if you’re outdoors, or a cat crawl race if you’re indoors!

Your Child’s Mission: It is time to show your superhero skills and be a PJ Mask! Complete the obstacle course and collect stars with each activity!

Make and Do: Download the superhero star chart and for each obstacle or activity that your child completes, give them a star!

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