The PJ Masks is a show about heroism and empowerment, only our superheroes are children! Just like the PJ Masks, your little superhero will be experiencing their own “superpowers” as they discover the world around them.

Through engaging storylines and immersive digital activities, PJ Masks is here to help your child get to grips with these “superpowers” in order to develop meaningful relationships, be ready to learn in school and navigate day-to-day challenges.

There are 10 Super Powers and each one helps your child develop Social, Emotional and Problem Solving skills. Read on to see how you can help your little superhero practise their superpowers at home.



We all know it’s good to express your feelings. The PJ Masks try to be cool, calm and collected, but their adventures can ruffle them. When they have big feelings, they show them with body language and express them with words.

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Children are often excited to try new things, but may be disappointed when things don’t go as planned. When you encourage your child to be persistent you help them face challenges with confidence. The PJ Masks never give up. They persist in the face of challenges and don’t let their failures get in the way of their ultimate success against the baddies.

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Children rely on their working memory to learn, concentrate, and recall information. The PJ Masks use their super power of memory every time they fight the baddies. They recall the baddies’ strengths and weaknesses, the timeline of events that took place, and things that may or may not have worked in the past to overcome the baddie.

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Being able to recognise the differences in images will help your little superhero distinguish between letters and numbers as they learn to read, write, and do maths in school. It will also help them identify visual expressions and nuances in body language, which will be useful as they create friendships. The PJ Masks use their powers of perception as they look for evidence to find the baddies, as well as to figure out the baddies’ next move.

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Fine motor skills are movements that use the smaller muscles of the fingers, toes, and wrists, that help with tasks like picking up small objects, writing, and balancing. The PJ Masks use their fine motor skills as they maneuver quickly and carefully around the city to catch baddies.

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Your child’s ability to think critically about ways to solve problems begins with curiosity about the world around them. Using strategies such as observing and asking questions will help your child make sense of the world. The PJ Masks model these strategies and show them in action throughout each episode.

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As children near school age, they begin to develop friendships with peers. Each of the PJ Masks has different qualities, strengths, and weaknesses, but is accepting and supportive of the others - a great model of inclusivity and friendship.

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Being able to exercise self-control will help your child resist distractions to be more able to learn in school. Owlette in particular has some trouble controlling her impulses, and often acts on a plan before it has been fully thought out. She always learns from this, which shows viewers it is important to think before you act and to exercise patience.

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Figuring out how to listen carefully and distinguish between sounds in the environment as well as letter sounds, will help as your child learns to read, write, and develop friendships. The PJ Masks use their listening skills every night as they set out on their adventures. As superheroes, they need to be very aware of what is around them, and listening helps them to do that! Listening to one another also helps them communicate better about their plan to save the day.

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Gross motor skills are the bigger movements that use the larger muscles in your child’s arms, legs, feet, and entire body, that help with movements like crawling, running, and jumping. The PJ Masks practice their gross motor skills as they leap, run, and jump around city to catch baddies. They are constantly active, and often need to put their gross motor skills to use when balancing on trains, running to catch up with baddies, or lifting heavy objects to save the day.

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